Overview committees

The committees involved in the programme are:

LEaDing Fellows Steering Committee (LFC)
The LEaDing fellows Steering Committee oversees and is responsible for all programme operations. On top of that, they recruit and select the LEaDing Fellows Panel members and act as appeal agent for the selection process if necessary. The rectors of the three universities and the two deans of the university medical centres form the LEaDing Fellows Steering Committee. Chairman is TU Delft rector Prof. Karel Luyben.

LEaDing Fellows Panel (LFP)
This panel consists of 15 members, tenured staff drawn from the five partnering institutions. The LEaDing Fellows Panel guards over the scientific quality of the fellowships. The chair person is the department head of biotechnology at TU Delft prof.dr. Isabel Arends.

The peers are senior researchers with a tenured position at a foreign university, company or (governmental) institute. To prevent conflicts of interests, scientists of potential host groups are excluded from the selection process.

LEaDing Fellows Programme Office (LPO)
Day-to-day management and coordination of the programme is overseen by the LEaDing Fellows Office, located at TU Delft. The LPO is formed by Caroline Kohlmann-van Noord, senior policy advisor at the HR department of the TU Delft’s Corporate Office and Veronique van der Varst, member of the Project Management team in the Valorisation Centre (VC) at TU Delft. They are assisted by a project secretary.

Each of the partners also has a local contact point which fellows can contact for institute specific questions.

Host institute/department/group
Host institution/ group/ supervisors are responsible for the practical supervision of fellows’ activities and opening their own network for the fellow to stimulate contacts with external parties. The supervisor acts as day-to-day coach. Together with the local HR office an employment contract will be established.